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Friday, November 4, 2011

Thrift Haul/ Ross

Hey Prettys, i went shopping yesterday and yes i went thrifting. i found some great things all for 45.00 dollars yes!!! since i dont/didnt have any pics i took pick myself what a dork haha well here are my finds.
 Also i wanted to find myself some high trouser socks and i scored a Ross some Ellen Tracy Ones for 5.99 for 3 pairs its a steel 

Keys pieces to look for fall
chunky sweaters MUST HAVE!!! 5.99
long skirts

hig waisted leather yes real leather skirt 2.49 on sale!!!!
i also got a higlow skirt pic not shown ;( black

Ross Ellen Tracy above the Knee Trousers Perf. w/ a highlow skirt or with what ever suits ya!!!

Love and Eyelashcurlers~


  1. I love those shoes! Are they comfortable? I really want to get a pair, but not sure I could wear.

  2. Wow great finds...I've bought a bunch of leather skirts from thrift stores but I need to get them tailored...they are all so long on little And yes I want those shoes sooooo bad.

  3. That dress is amazing! what a lucky buy!


  4. ,cant beleive you r mother of two boys. You have a great body. :) looking forward to see more posts from you.


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