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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Favorite Nude lipsticks

Who does'nt love nude lipsticks ...right we all do! We are always looking for the perfect one and of course what looks good one one person will look good one everyone. I always got asked that question when I worked at MAC. I want a nude lip or the kardahian lip.... and sometimes it can be tricky. So here are my top picks.  My rule of thumb is always use a lipliner a bit darker to add a little hint of color just to add a pop.
my go to glosses for these are c-thru all time fave since i was 16 and fashion whim or boybait not  pictured but very similar to fashion whim and my all time fave lipiner spice!!! or have to have it uhmazing!!!!
                                                  love and eyelashcurlers~

starting from darker color
velvet teddy
fleshpot (macpro)
peachstock (macpro)
gaga 2

Monday, April 9, 2012

working on my fitness

 Sad truth, I am going to share with you,all that ive gained a few pounds after I came back from Texas and also from moving and well eating out. Also ever since Ive had my two kids ive never been really been happy with the way i look.. I might not look big to most people and yes I know Im not over weight but Im also not fit and lean, and i wanna be so bad!!!. I wanna feel confiden and sexyt in my own body. I wanna be able to wear a pair of jeans and not have a muffin top  or be able to wear a sexy bikini or a cute top and not hide my tummy and and wear it with confidence.
                     so i thought to myself enough is enough !!!Im tired of look like this i wanna be a sexy mamma!!! In the past i have worked out and i have lost weight an tired to eat healthy but  cheated my way out of it plus i was younger. im not a spring chicken anymore lol!!!
.               I don't think I've ever felt so confident in myself to actually do something about my body to give it that push and dont even wanna rest on the day i should rest. i wanna push myself to the limit. im so motivated maybe because i have nothing to do here haha!!! but  feel so good about it I hope i can make you all as motivated as me. i want to  eat healthy and  plus i feel so much more energetic. also  its been helping me with my horrible migraines.  so here is what ive been doing.

Im not going to say that its easy because its not it can be hard. specially when you have kids and all those delicious snacks. it can be so hard but remember you are doing this for you and you only have one body its your temple take care of it.

if it does sneak up on you its ok no worries just pick your self up and try again.

i started running about a month ago with my hubby 2 miles 5 times a week

about a month and a week ago
started at -120
current weight-112.6
now p90x 2nd week on it not giving up

im not following the nutrition guide because its just to hard but i go thru it and get ideas and but stuff to make from it.

number my water bottles about 8 a day.

ipod pick motivation songs i even put some on repeat if (if you like to know what i have let me know i will post)

Juicer yes its pricey but well worth it. every morning i usually juice

try not to eat anything after 6 if you cant make yourself a juicer/smoothie

samples of some sweet snacks to eat in moderation other than fruit i usually eat this when i am in need of something really sweet. xo

usually lunch
chicken salad
miso soup
lentils soup

stuffed bell pepper w/ grounded turkey

if you all like i can post recipes
 will post pics of before and after after 30 days.

my ipod songs just i lits thing i love my euro trance music so you will see alot of that
katy perry part of me twice!
Jennifer Lopez ft Pit bull Dance again twice! lol!
ATB- Could YOU believe
Rihanna -where have you been
Armin Van Buuren- feat Sophie Ellis Bexter Not Giving up
Armin Van Buuren  feat.Jacqueline Govaert -never say never.
ALLURE (tiesto) ft Julie Thompson Somwhere Inside of me.
Bennassi Bros feat. Dhany Rocket in the Sky.
Quicksand(boy 8 bit remix) La roux
Raise your weapon ft. Greta svabo deadmau5
All i ask of you Skrillex (ft Penny)
Feel So Close to you-CAlvin Harris
Dont Stop Dancing Feat. Haley- Kaskade

strawberry banana orange apple smoothie my fave!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Galaxy leggings

I'm loving everything galaxy right now but I just bring myself to spend 80 dollars on leggings just yet. As I was going thru YouTube videos and such I decided to do my own an show u all. Here is what you will need.
Leggings - had them
Spray bottle 1.00
Bleach 2.00
Tye dye  for all set 9.00
Purple dye about 3.00

1.lay leggings flat.
2.put bleach in spray bottle don't dilute it.
3. Spray leggings  make one big spray  such as  circles start on one side then turn and do the other side
( make sure to seperate  the sprays)
4. Wait a day or two then wash
5. Next start by spraying around first w/ the purple colors . Such as around like a circle
6. Then u want to put the red and blue colors around that (purple)
7. Next yellow in the middle to make it appear bright. (Note its going to look a bit bright yellow with the but don't worry it will fade. I opened the bleach bottle and with the cap I sprinkled over the colors to make it look like stars and planets and such. wait 2 or 3 days for it set then wash and you will be done.
 sorry the pic arent that great i need a better camera.

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