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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cleaning my Brushes.

Hello every1I konw there is so many ways to wash brushes out there but this is my version lol. i forgot to put a pics of the papertowels ans toilet paper..... yes toilet paer lol! i use it as a brush guard so much cheaper. i also like to put some brush cleaner in a travel bottle you can get it at target for bout a dollar. get one small piece of toilet paper and fold it and wrap it pretty snug around the brush and that will leave your brushes pretty straight with no hairs sticking out everywhere. let them dry till tomm and youll see how pretty they will be the next day happy brush cleaning!!!


Photoshoot July 2010

This was my first photshoot I have to say its was UH-MAzin!!!! I had so much fun. I was nervous at first but then i got comfy and did my best. I used face and body from Mac, just cus it photographs so beautiful!!! and some select cover up and studiosculpt and the rest was shadow and stuff. I packed so many things. lol but anyway here are some pics of the shoot. love ya all!!!

Rock and Republic Makeup.

Hey all!!! i got my R&R blush i gotta say in in LOVE!!!!! its so pretty and pigmented. i wish i would have gotten more stuff. oh well maybe next time. for now here are some pics of it. the packaging its amazing and its seems like there a lot in there . The name of the blush I got was Kinky. awesome name right lol.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Skinny Cargo's

Hey pretties. So here it is Im sure u all have seen these in magazines! They r HOT!!!!! All the celebs are wearing them. I just ordered a pair at Victoria Secret yay!!!!! Im still on the look out for jean ones at a much more decent price. I dont mind spending a lot on jeans but when its throw away fashion then i settle for a bargain who doesnt :). if you all know where I can find them let me know tata dolls!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Shadows

Hello pretties, here is a look I did while my sissy was here. its looks so pretty on all skin tones try it.


Barestudy all over the eyelid
Naked Lunch on Lid
Folie on crease to blend out naked lunch
Brown script in crease
Intoxicated or a really dark almost black matte shadow on the outer V
Dazzlelight a little bit on top brownscript not to much we want to leave the brownscript color there.
Motif on the innercorner with a bit of dazzlelight
Brule on the browbone.


Pink Swoon
Contour with Blunt


Breurre lipliner
Boy Bait

Monday, July 12, 2010

Texas and home haul

Here are some pics of the little haul i did while on vacay and back in SoCal while my sissy was here. I think a did pretty good. i didnt spend to much actually.
Shoes Melrose store in texas 30.00
top and skirt forever 21 17.50 skirt 12.50
So Cal (home)
Buffallo exchange I love this store its its more of a consignment store
bracelet 7.50
belt 9.50
leggings h&m 14.50 i think
dress juicy couture outlet 27.00
l.a top forever21 not sure but pretty cheap


Hello Every1 sorry I haven posted anything in a while just got back from vacay and have been super busy, plus my darn camera broke. Anyway I wanted to share one of the thing a did while visiting my sissy and parents, I got a tattoo!!! I had been wanted to get this for the past year and finally did, my cousin did it and I love it. Next ill be getting is an eyelashcurler!!!!

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