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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas haulage.

Hey pretties. I know its been a while I'm so sorry. I will give you all an update soon with what's going on just bear with me. I've been moving and getting settled to our new place in a new state,So I've been a bit slow. Anyway I did go to Texas to visit my family and I did do some shoping I did mostly thrift haul shopping and a lot of eating out and hanging out. So here are a few pieces I did get. I'm really into vintage pieces and fringe right now so I got a lot of that. I did get more stuff such as asymmetric skirts and more jewerly and lippies but I didn't wanna bore you all anyway hope you all enjoy!!!
The boots are new but I got an AMAZING deal.  I believe 149 to 40 dollars at bakers!!!!!

Also if you go to El Paso Tx go the jewelry box everything is 1.00 I got lashes yes lashes!!! 


  1. LOVE the boots!!! I can't wait to see you rocking them!!! <3

  2. Omg so much awesome fringe!! lol I love it, girl! All the bracelets are so cute too!


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