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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Lets talks foundations. Im always out on the look for the perfect flawess look that we all want!!!We see one thing on YouTube and on TV or somehwere in GLAMOUR MAG. and we go out at get it ASAP!!!! well  Im one of those gals!!! Here a little run down of what I like and what I dont really like and this is just my opinion, also, heres a little tip from me; b4 you go get it ask for a sample of it and try it specially if the foundation is pricey make sure you really love it and youre happy with it. Also what is gonna work great on once person may not work on you.  hope this will help some of you.  for refrence. Im a MAC NC 40 Im gonna start with my top number 1 choice of foundation.

01. NARS Sheer glow i love this one in Barcelona. i have no words for its its my fav foundation i also have the Syracruse and right now im mixing that one with my Revlon Photo Ready DREAM!!!!
02. REVLON PHOTO READY!!!! # O8 and like i said i mix it with my NARS so so pretty!!!
03. MAC studio sculpt in NC 40 but  I recently got a sample of NW40 and i really love it it warms up my
skin stone and looks so pretty.
04. MAC studio fix NC 40 if you add care blend oils ahhh to die for i love it!!!
05. MUFE matte velvette+ i use to really like this but i havent used it in a while
06.ILamasqua too thick and not the right color kinda chalky
07 MAC face and body to light coverage for my liking
08 MAC full coverage nw30 its like a big huge concealer. not a fan use it as a concealer instead
09. Maybelline smooth mouse. im trying to like this like everyone but i just cant its just not for me. to to oily and not long wear.
10. Vichy corrector foundation oily and chalky yuck no!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm always on the look out for the perfect concealers out there seems like we all are I tried many of them. from high end to drug store .The first pic is what i have purchased the passed yr and a half and the second pic is what i recomend in my opinion. Let me start by saying that my skin is dry and  I have fine lines under my eyes plus very dark circles under my eyes so I  usually like to use a corrector. Im gonna start with the 1st

01.MUFE I find this one works very well but i only use the corrector so i will buy again but only the corrector. 
02.VS its to drying for me yuck.
03. MAC corecctor u can only get this at pro and I only use the bright orange or the bricky color more which is almost empty I really love this one a lot!!! pretty creamy.
04. The top one is the sculpt in nw30 i like this one to but i use lightly with a 224 brush if not it will cake up but its ok.
05. Bobby Brown has got to be my fav. but also only use a little with a 224 very creamy and thick but amazing coverage. I sometimes use that one with the maybelline smooth mouse on top.
06.Cinema Secrets i dont like
07. Beneye  foundation/conclear no..
08 MAC select moister cover i really love this one and sometimes i like to add over another concealer like mac select.  just to keep it looking more moist n youthful looking
(becareful select moister is darker the select cover.)
09.MAC select cover  i like to but i can be a bit drying.but it gives you very good coverage.
10.MAC concealer pencil which is dicontinued. is good for touch ups. the white tube MUFE is good its a lift concealer but its can feel drying.
11.maybelling tube is very good alomost similar to the mac moister select moister but it feels a bit powdery but i like it it glides on.
12. Revlon i like them but they r just ok its not all that great at least not for me.
13. Maybelline mousse i really like a lot its very smooth n u only ned a tiny bit. but i put one over after  i have corrected my circles just to give me a bright look/effect. and only where i have the darker areas

If you have any questions on concealers let me know k thanks hope this is helpful to some of you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Combat boots and H&M haul

I am loving the whole military look why wouldnt I when my hubby is in the Army right!!!! Its the LOOK that is gonna be rocking this season!!! So Ive been spotting this look all over and of course I have to have it. COMBAT BOOTS!!!! Things that get into my head lol. I was in a much needed day to spend with my family and go do some shopping at least a little. I found these fierce combat boots yay!!! so here's a pic, I got them at bakers for all you girls that love shoes xoxoxo!!!! I also got a cute black sheer top and a barret from h&m both were 5.95 each you cant go wrong right!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!

Lets talk Jeffrey Campell Shoes. Who doesnt love them! They are so ODD yet they are AMAZING!!!! I love them but they are so pricy eek!!!! well anyway, I've been thinking and thinking of getting some but im kind of on a budget right now so I have to settle for a cheaper deal well what do you know, I was looking around forever 21online and guess what i found a pretty similar pair for 34 dollars wow!!! So for you girls on a budget check them out your gonna love them!!!! oh and the last pic or the ones from forever 21 xoxoxo!!!
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