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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Got a new Camera

so I got a new camera which means more blogging and yes ill be doing a little you tubing  im still trying to figure it out so please bear with me lovelies! here are a few shots my hubby took enjoy

halloween time 2013

hello lovelies hope you all had a great October Seems like it went by so fast bummer!! but in all it was great the hubby and I went out and also took the kiddo out and had a blast here are a few adventures.

Monday, November 4, 2013

oufits unif and blackmilk

Hello Lovelies here is a few pics of some of my favorite outfits . i love, love the brand blackmilk and unif so you will bee seeing alot of that and lot of black too!! enjoy!!!

Im Back YAY!!!!

Hello Loves Im back Yay!!! Im so sorry it has taking me so long to get back, but i promise ill be on here at least once a week. In the mean time I am on Instagram follow me (Amrihearts) and facebook (Makeupbyamri) I also started a youtube chanel (amrilove2000) so little by little i will get there. 

 The reason it has taking me so long to blog was because we moved from SoCal to Lake Havasu and it has taken a toll on me. i started beauty school and i hate it ..... well the school im in. and plus im super busy. busy i will dedicated myself more to be on here. thank you to all that have stayed on here xo that really means a lot

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