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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mommy Ideas

Hello Everyone, Well this I have to give all credit to my girlfriend Kayla. I went to her house one day and she had these folders with fake money in them for her kids. I asked her what it was for and she told me the story about it and i thought waht a super great idea. and believe me its works mommies.

1.1st of get some construction paper and fold it and either staple half of of ot tape it
2. have you kids decorate it it will be a fun project for them.
3. cut construction paper and kinda make them look like money i made 1 dollar and 5 dollar bills.
4. now for instance I pay my kids 2 dollars a day if there chores get done.
5. if they wanna play a video game, computer or any electronic they have
    to pay me a dollar for and hour.
6.Also if they wanna do extra chores they can make extra cash bux (thats what i call them)
7.If the are bad or talk back that's cause for a dollar to be taken away.
8. Now here it is once they collect 20 dollars they can go and get a toy or what they want from the store as a prize but it has to be under 20 dollars.

So mommies you make your own rules with it but it works thanks Kayla it has really made my life with my kids a bit easier. plus they really enjoy it.

Wet Seal Shoes

I Never Go so wet seal ever but i found some adorable shoes for my military ball for a super cheap price pretties!! go check them out i got them to 10 dollars you heard right 10 dollars they have them in red and blue as well what do you all think????

Contour and Highlight

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to Contour my cheeks anytime anywhere. I feel naked with out it lol. I've tried so many of them but i have to say my fave is Blunt with pink swoon mix with dolly mix but be careful cause dolly mix is a bright color i love it. I always do my cheeks first and i just do the apples and dab a little and build the color I love the 158 brush or the 109 to contour. now grab the blunt blush and feel the hallow area bellow the cheek bone start there but dont go back and for cause it can look muddy start bellow the apple of the cheek on the hallow area area add color and start blending then blend both colors together. i hope i made sense lol. now for highlight. i always use a concealer lighter than my skin color NW20. but first i color correct my undereyes with NW30. then i use an MSF n I use Medium and i just pat with a sponge so i wont disturb the concealer and blend. if i want extra hightlight i use soft and gentle or vanilla with a 224 brush!!!

Skin Routine

My Skin Routine is  pretty simple and i use pretty cheap stuff to cleanse my face. here it is ladies.

1.Loreal 360 in the shower everyday. in the shower.
2.St. Ives once a week.
3.Vitamin E for my skin which is great cause its so good for your skin and very moisturizing. is amazing i use it only when i feel my skin need its specially around my eyes in the shower and i put a warm was cloth to let it set in my skin for about 3 min then rin of with the 360.
3moisturizing lotion lotion radiant skin i use the target bran cuz they didnt have the aveno one but you its about the same. spf 15.
5.I also love the Olay Micro the red tub one so much but i ran out of it but i love that one so much. not pictured.
4.MAC moisturelush eyelush mix with MAC fast response total love. i find it works great for me cuz it helps with keeping my eyes hydrated helps with the darkness and with the puffiness and i suffer with all that.

also to clean my face i use the mac wipes and thats it. i dont even put anything else one besides the ROC eye cream when i remember lol. i need to do it more. i just feel that the more you put on ur face the more it dries up and feels weird. i went on a kick last yr trying different things and my skin was crazy. so try to stick to not putting on to much on your face. if you have something that works for you whether its department or drugstore stick to it. dont go crazy remember are skin is precious TAKE CARE of it.!!! xoxoxoxo

Friday, September 24, 2010

Venomous Villians Unveiling!!!!

This was my first event wow you'll be amazed at how much got to put an event. it was crazy. but everyone had a job to do and it ran pretty smoothly. We all had to wear a certain look and I so wanted the dark lips but i didnt get that one lol anyway here are some pics of the event enjoy!!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Organizing Makeup pigments/lippies

I love to be organized!!! I got these little babies from my hubby. They are fishing tackle boxes yes you hear it right!! tackle boxes. you can get them pretty much anywhere target, walmart for about 5-6 dollars. I have them stored in my pink box but they keep me pretty organized. You can move the little square on some of them to fit to your size. so go check them out. I used them to store my pigments and lippies. Also the black little bins I got at target from the dollar area and I store all my paint pots and gel and eyeliners. hope you all give this a try. thanks dolls!!!

Military Ball Dresses

So I decided to do more of a simple pinup like dress and look for my military ball. i just feel like every yr. we all wear long boring gowns at boring balls and sit there for hours and listen to blah blah blah!!! anyway. I dont want to spend so much so Im thinking of a below the knee amazing dress and doing the whole pin-up look! yay! what do you all think red or black dress also what color of shoes? thanks pretties!!!

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up soon and oh Im getting old!!!! I have a few things on my wishlist i love all this this and I hope that maybe i can get one of them mostly the shoes!!!! Jefferey Campell is LOVE!!!!! The top Kim K is wearing wow! even if i an hace one that similar to it cuz this one is 319.00 wow!!! The hello kitty bag is to die for. Then of course the pink box to go with the other part of my pink box because mine is getting so full!!! so pls ever1 pray for me that i get at least one of these. i dont want diamonds i just want fashion!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Palace Pedigreed

Quite spoiled on the lid
Courtly on the inner corner
Palace Pedigreed on the crease blend with
Russian Blue just a bit
Brule on the brow bone

Childrens Orchard

Mommies who doesnt like great deals. I just love childrens consignments specially those that you can sell your kids clothes for cash or  get store credit total LOVE!!!!  I usually go get rid of my kids clothes and toys there and either get store credit to buy more stuff there or money! PLUS they have great namebrand clothes for your kids. You can also join the mommy club and they send you coupons and tell you if they have events. such as yesterday Sept 11 there was a costume sale wow got a great deal  for two great costumes and then some. I only paid 25 dollars for everything.
so check it out mommies.  CHILDRENS ORCHARD.COM to see if there is any in your area.

Black and white/beige look!!

I really liked the way this came out. hope you all try it.
painterly paint pot all over the lid brule in the middle and print on the middle and a small amount of carbon in the inner corner and a little more on the outer corner. blend hard edges with brule.

Cute NFL Shirts

Were are big....ok huge Colts fans. so I thought of a way to make my shirts look gute and girly last year. I got some scissors and cut the top of the neck and then some for it to fall over my shoulders pair it up with a cute tank and youll look super cute!!! GO COLTS

Rihanna Inspired Look

Hey everyone I know its been a while since i posted some stuff been working lots plus my boys started school and ahh so much. anyway. i know a lot of people did the whole "love the way you lie" look and i had to jump on it too. here is the look and what i used.

Esttee Lauder paint pot a navy blue color
intoxicate, sketch, deep truth and embark and saddle to blend edges. .
it was a bit darker than it appears.

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