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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Skin Routine

My Skin Routine is  pretty simple and i use pretty cheap stuff to cleanse my face. here it is ladies.

1.Loreal 360 in the shower everyday. in the shower.
2.St. Ives once a week.
3.Vitamin E for my skin which is great cause its so good for your skin and very moisturizing. is amazing i use it only when i feel my skin need its specially around my eyes in the shower and i put a warm was cloth to let it set in my skin for about 3 min then rin of with the 360.
3moisturizing lotion lotion radiant skin i use the target bran cuz they didnt have the aveno one but you its about the same. spf 15.
5.I also love the Olay Micro the red tub one so much but i ran out of it but i love that one so much. not pictured.
4.MAC moisturelush eyelush mix with MAC fast response total love. i find it works great for me cuz it helps with keeping my eyes hydrated helps with the darkness and with the puffiness and i suffer with all that.

also to clean my face i use the mac wipes and thats it. i dont even put anything else one besides the ROC eye cream when i remember lol. i need to do it more. i just feel that the more you put on ur face the more it dries up and feels weird. i went on a kick last yr trying different things and my skin was crazy. so try to stick to not putting on to much on your face. if you have something that works for you whether its department or drugstore stick to it. dont go crazy remember are skin is precious TAKE CARE of it.!!! xoxoxoxo

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