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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Super straight hair

Hello dolls!!! My hair by no means is straight. I have really thick weavy heavy hair. I went to Sallys some  last yr and picked up this handy comb and since then I don't take long doing my hair it is so easy to do and It is so straight I love it. This is all I use pretties. I grab the comb and run the comb down following my chi straightner a  little Paul Mitchell serum before it is blow dryed and after. That's its hope u all try that comb works amazing for us girls that have hair problems.

Semi Precious.

Heres a look at what i got from the collection. i must say these babies went fast at the store. there are so so smooth and so super easy to blend. i have to say smoked ruby is a hit on my list i love it. go grab some if theres still some left u want a fast and easy smokey eye that looks like you rocked it!!! go get these.

a little haul.

when my sister was in town i went on a shopping spree and bought a few things heres a few that i remeber buying while she was here. I took  her  to L.A to Santa Monica. and to the CCo where i found the MAC carrying case that  i got at a  dicoun. I found it yay. I got it for 30 % off for those who work thru the Estee Lauder company. and i also found the lady gaga gloss i scored!!!! any way here are some thigs i got. i also took here to a amazing boutique called LUNA B in Huntington beach where i got there gorgeous dress i had my eye on!!!. everything u see here i bought at MAC Pro H&M LUNA B CCO AND Bebe. thx pretties!!!
oh and isnt my little pill bag cute i got that at tj max love it!!
the black dress is almost identical to the white dress. pics HEAVY.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yellow Eyeshadow???

Heres is a look i did during Surf baby i know its overdue but i did take some pics of the look i did for work

products used.

any yellow eyeshadow
saffron eyeshadow from surfbaby collection
ebark on outer crease.

Update On ME.

Hello My lovelies!!!! how are you all. im so so sorry ive been aways for so long ive tried to be here in and out but my sickness has taken a toll on me. For the past 3 months I've had migranes none stop every single day. my husband way gone all the month of june and i figured its was probably stress but it wasnt. i beagn to think its was a tsomething more serious because I couldnt even sleep the pain was so family began to worry. I ended up in the emergency room 3 times but all i got was a shot and came home the same way. I got a cat scan and a mri of the brain . (they pretty much checked out my brain and checked to see if everything is normal) Thanks goodness it is. Im seeing a new neurologist which he is great. he took me of my medication because it was causing rebound headaches  and gave me some new ones to try out. also. I have the worst case of migranes and i will be getting "BOTOX" for them. Ive heard great things about this treatment. Im starting to get back on track now that on of my old meds. im now hoping for a miracle. now all i need if for my darn ears to stop popping so much and I'll be good. so if you all suffer from migranes and need more info. message me. thanks to my faithful followers love you all xoxoxo.
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