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Thursday, August 25, 2011

MAC face creams

I have tried all these Mac face lotions. This is just from my experience and from my opinion. As some of u know my skin is pretty dry. Well let's just say in the winter it gets pretty dry and on the warmer months its pretty normal. I have to say my number one pick is minerlized lotion all the way! I love the thing so much. It leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated through out the day pretties I've ur skin is dry u. try this baby out you will fall in love I tell ya! It's better than any other. The comfort cream is pretty amazing too, just as good as mineral but ,I love that for dry skin as well but if I had to chose between both of them is still do mineralized. Studio fix lotion that one is good if your skin is normal and you don't need extra hydration. Lightful is amazing but I feel that you need the whole kit to get the full effect. And to me. My skin feels tight with this cream and not enough moisture. Strobe cream well that gives you that beautiful glow. But of course I don't use it for just the moisture. I either mix a bit with my foundation or at a bit on top of my cheek bones or try mixing it with tinted moisturizer ouhhhh amaaazing!
1.mineralize lotion number 1
2.comfort cream number 2 fix motion number 3
4.lightful number 5
5.strobe cream number 5

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are u feeling Blooz......

I found a great love. I have married stars and rockets and Blooz eyeliner oh my goodness!!!!! It's the most amazing combination. I love it. I usually just put Blooz on my waterline and a bit under to smudge it top it with stars and rockets and they look hot!!!! A bit of magenta lipliner and saint germain lips and u got a bold pink lip. Hope u all try it.
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destroy those designer Jeans

Do u have a great pair of designer or any kind of jeans that are just a tad to big for ya in your closet? Honey don't get rid of them destroy them! With a pair of sheers. Cut them and they will be your bffs all summer till fall. I wear mine with leggings in the fall and a over size top and a cute hat with uggs (yeah I love my uggs.) Or pair them up with some biker boots or combat boots. I feel the bigger the jeans the better the feel when they are cut. More room in the hip and leg area plus they look cute and a total money saver. Happy cutting.
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Chore list I do adore!

Hey everyone. So us mommas are always trying to find ways to keep our kids busy ,responsible,and how to learn the value of a dollar. Well, I kinda got tired of always going to the store and spending a bunch of money on nonsense. And seeing a bunch of broken toys everywhere. Also things were never really appreciated because they knew mom would always fork out money and buy whatever they wanted. So I decided to buy this super amazing chore board at target and I must say. OMG!!!! It works great moms! U can make it according to how u want it. the most my kids gets at the end of the week is $10.00. They get less than 15 stars they get grounded. Plus the bonus for me. I get a little help from cleaning wink wink! And My kids love it. They really look coward to it. And I save money another bonus!The chore board was purchased at target for no more than 10 dollars. Hope u all try it!
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