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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chore list I do adore!

Hey everyone. So us mommas are always trying to find ways to keep our kids busy ,responsible,and how to learn the value of a dollar. Well, I kinda got tired of always going to the store and spending a bunch of money on nonsense. And seeing a bunch of broken toys everywhere. Also things were never really appreciated because they knew mom would always fork out money and buy whatever they wanted. So I decided to buy this super amazing chore board at target and I must say. OMG!!!! It works great moms! U can make it according to how u want it. the most my kids gets at the end of the week is $10.00. They get less than 15 stars they get grounded. Plus the bonus for me. I get a little help from cleaning wink wink! And My kids love it. They really look coward to it. And I save money another bonus!The chore board was purchased at target for no more than 10 dollars. Hope u all try it!
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