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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Favorite Lipglosses

We all buy so many glosses. I love them i always go back to the same colors funny i see my makebox and i find that i have many glosses just about all in the same color range.  Mac c-tru has always been my fav. always! Even though at times it feel sticky, specially when you hair is blowing in the wind eek! but i love it. My faves have been the creamsheens. I have to say wow i love them. from time to time when im working i find myself trying diff glosses but fashion scoop and boy bait WOW!! ample pink also is one of my favorites. all Mac. im still wanting to try the nars turkish delight. i might just give it a go. ill let you all know what i think about it xoxox love and eyelashcurlers muah!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This Past week Ive been doing Nothing but a bit of shopping. I love nice things but at a great prices. I love to bargain shop I mean who doesnt right! Last Sat. during my lunch break there were having a 29 dollar sale at BEBE so i stopped by and got this really cute cold shoulder racerback top it look so cute and great for work! I went to VS for there semi annual sale which is still going on now. great prices for great bras i got one that makes me looks like I got  implants lol and couple of other things even there lotions and stuff 75% of wow!

Now for my kids i love Gymbboree and Crazy8's just opened which is also like Gymboree but i bit cheaper. well anyways i bought my boys some clothes at great prices for all the mommas out there. great prices for great clothes. I spent like 60 dollars for everything plus i got dollars in cash buck so i can use them in July!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

REVLON PhotoReady.

Im always trying new foundations. Im use to buying department store high-end makeup/foundation,but lately Ive been trying alot of drugstore makeup I have to say I love this foundation. I am cheating on my nars sheer glow! Im so sorry nars.... anyway. Im one to love full coverage. so what I is I use a concealer first the MUFE corrector under my eyes and concealer on my nose a bit and my upper lip and where i think i need more coverage. then i stipple the foundation with my 130 brush and blend away. then i use bobby brown and mac select moister concealer under my eyes i use 2 powders on my face mac mineralized powder in medium plus and medium to highlight my areas nose under my eyes abd where the light hit my face. then the other powder on the rest of my face. For reference i got 08 golden beige im MAC NC40. i will totally recomend this foundation.

Friday, June 11, 2010

mini Haul /review 130 brush and mac perfume.

I im in love with the 130 brush!!!!!  I use to use the 109 for foundation but as much as i love it it sheds like crazy!!! so i decided to give this a try. I used at at work when i was doing a makeup on someone and i fell in love.super easy to blend foundation and it is just small enough to grab the small places. i totally recomend it!!!

Now for the MAC Perfume. I never got into the MAC perfume till i started working there. I totally recomend the blue one its our best selling one and its smells so so good. Give it a try next time your there. Its only 26 dollars not a bad price fo a good perfume.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bebe Hannah Wedges!

Yay!!! I found them I found them!!!! im so so Happy!!!! I couldnt believe my eyes.!!! these shoes were ment to be mine! I looked crazy for them. so it happens one of the girls I work with bought these and didnt like them. she ordered them all the way from Chicago and was on here way to return them! well there i was saying "wow you found them" she said "im returning them!!!" so it happened to be that they were my size! so of course i bought them from her. oh my im so happy!!! they are the prettiest wedges ever!!!!


Who Doesnt love jumper/rompers i love them i just purchased these 2 babies to add to my collection. they are perfect for the summer and for work!!! the pant jumper is from metropark 69.00 dollars it looks great with heels or some wedges or for a relaxing day wear with your gladitator and your fidora. i just recently bought the short jumper from bebe. com for only 39.95 so super pretty i believe there is s 5 left so hurry get it!!! happy shopping!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Organizing My Closet

Ok so here we go again back to sharing my closet with my hubby! Us girls have way to much stuff so we have to do stuff to make sure it fits just right. I fixed to closet bout 5 times just to get it right. I like to color coordinate my closet just makes it easier for me. I also got a target storage drawer. i put all my tanks and short and leggings in there i got an old shelf and just decided to just fold my jeans and put them there it make it super easy for me to find them. It's also a great divider from my side to my hubby's side. I hung my scarfs and belts right on top of my jeans. I put  my handbags and my winter boots on top of my side of the closet. Also try to make sure everything is facing you like your bags , shoes boxes etc.I swear i need more space but i guess for now i have to accommodate to what i have. so for us girls having to share our closet here are some ideas.

Oraganizing My Kids Room.

Well 1st off we are an Army family, and we move quite often. I got so tired of always buying new stuff to accommodate every darn place we move plus it can get pricy too. I also have bad OCD lol. i love for everything to be in place. So I just started looking around to i can find perfect storage for my boys room. I decided to get a loft bed for both my boys and some storage from ikea and target.Here are some pics and ideas to all the mommas out here. hopefully I can help.

Ikea Blue Boxes: have wheels and you can stack them. I put in small legos on 1 and bigger ones on the other I believe I paid no more than 4.00 dollars for them they also have pink and greens.

Ikea Storage Bin: I put in there video games, some cars, thomas the train and tracks among other stuff I paid 100.00 for it also comes in different color bins.

Book shelf: from Target. I bought this with out the bins you can also get get the bins for it. but i decided to just put books and i just bought some little storage boxes and kinda try to lable my kids stuff. I also let the kids express themselves with adding some of their own stuff on top such as pics ans other stuff.

I also got some bulletin boards and some little hook for the kids to express themselves no more than 10 dollars for both from Ikea.

Drawer bin target this is pretty cheap and great for anything i decided to just put my 4 yr olds cars in here.

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