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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Texas haulage.

Hey pretties. I know its been a while I'm so sorry. I will give you all an update soon with what's going on just bear with me. I've been moving and getting settled to our new place in a new state,So I've been a bit slow. Anyway I did go to Texas to visit my family and I did do some shoping I did mostly thrift haul shopping and a lot of eating out and hanging out. So here are a few pieces I did get. I'm really into vintage pieces and fringe right now so I got a lot of that. I did get more stuff such as asymmetric skirts and more jewerly and lippies but I didn't wanna bore you all anyway hope you all enjoy!!!
The boots are new but I got an AMAZING deal.  I believe 149 to 40 dollars at bakers!!!!!

Also if you go to El Paso Tx go the jewelry box everything is 1.00 I got lashes yes lashes!!! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Redrock I adore

Hey dolls. You all checked out this website its amazing. Its make you feel like you out in SoCal enjoying your day out shopping  or eating out by the pier, at least that's how I feel seeing the clothes Haha!   I love the vintage feel and there is not one piece alike when we talk vintage. As I was scrolling thru this website I  saw how  beautiful and chic each piece is!  Can you say amazing? Inspiration is the key and the pics are amazing go and check it out hope you all like it let me know your thoughts on this

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nastygal top /Recyling your turtleneck

Hey pretties,
I love to go thru websites such as topshop, nastygal,urban ,just to name some and get ideas of their amazing outfits. I came across a turtleneck that I saw and I thought hey I can't totally do that and for almost nothing. So of course I went to goodwill and found myself one for 2.99 got home and did my thing.

First lay flat
Next grab a good pair of scissors
Cut  a little  about an inch from
where the arms start.
All done you have and amazing top.

I got so many compliments and for only 2.99 compared to 38.00 at nastygal. Amazing....

Thanks for stopping by!

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