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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Favorite Lipglosses

We all buy so many glosses. I love them i always go back to the same colors funny i see my makebox and i find that i have many glosses just about all in the same color range.  Mac c-tru has always been my fav. always! Even though at times it feel sticky, specially when you hair is blowing in the wind eek! but i love it. My faves have been the creamsheens. I have to say wow i love them. from time to time when im working i find myself trying diff glosses but fashion scoop and boy bait WOW!! ample pink also is one of my favorites. all Mac. im still wanting to try the nars turkish delight. i might just give it a go. ill let you all know what i think about it xoxox love and eyelashcurlers muah!!!


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