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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oraganizing My Kids Room.

Well 1st off we are an Army family, and we move quite often. I got so tired of always buying new stuff to accommodate every darn place we move plus it can get pricy too. I also have bad OCD lol. i love for everything to be in place. So I just started looking around to i can find perfect storage for my boys room. I decided to get a loft bed for both my boys and some storage from ikea and target.Here are some pics and ideas to all the mommas out here. hopefully I can help.

Ikea Blue Boxes: have wheels and you can stack them. I put in small legos on 1 and bigger ones on the other I believe I paid no more than 4.00 dollars for them they also have pink and greens.

Ikea Storage Bin: I put in there video games, some cars, thomas the train and tracks among other stuff I paid 100.00 for it also comes in different color bins.

Book shelf: from Target. I bought this with out the bins you can also get get the bins for it. but i decided to just put books and i just bought some little storage boxes and kinda try to lable my kids stuff. I also let the kids express themselves with adding some of their own stuff on top such as pics ans other stuff.

I also got some bulletin boards and some little hook for the kids to express themselves no more than 10 dollars for both from Ikea.

Drawer bin target this is pretty cheap and great for anything i decided to just put my 4 yr olds cars in here.

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