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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a little haul.

when my sister was in town i went on a shopping spree and bought a few things heres a few that i remeber buying while she was here. I took  her  to L.A to Santa Monica. and to the CCo where i found the MAC carrying case that  i got at a  dicoun. I found it yay. I got it for 30 % off for those who work thru the Estee Lauder company. and i also found the lady gaga gloss i scored!!!! any way here are some thigs i got. i also took here to a amazing boutique called LUNA B in Huntington beach where i got there gorgeous dress i had my eye on!!!. everything u see here i bought at MAC Pro H&M LUNA B CCO AND Bebe. thx pretties!!!
oh and isnt my little pill bag cute i got that at tj max love it!!
the black dress is almost identical to the white dress. pics HEAVY.


  1. Awe you look so pretty! :) You got a lot of cute stuff! I love those long earrings! Hope you had fun with your sissy! XX


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