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Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm always on the look out for the perfect concealers out there seems like we all are I tried many of them. from high end to drug store .The first pic is what i have purchased the passed yr and a half and the second pic is what i recomend in my opinion. Let me start by saying that my skin is dry and  I have fine lines under my eyes plus very dark circles under my eyes so I  usually like to use a corrector. Im gonna start with the 1st

01.MUFE I find this one works very well but i only use the corrector so i will buy again but only the corrector. 
02.VS its to drying for me yuck.
03. MAC corecctor u can only get this at pro and I only use the bright orange or the bricky color more which is almost empty I really love this one a lot!!! pretty creamy.
04. The top one is the sculpt in nw30 i like this one to but i use lightly with a 224 brush if not it will cake up but its ok.
05. Bobby Brown has got to be my fav. but also only use a little with a 224 very creamy and thick but amazing coverage. I sometimes use that one with the maybelline smooth mouse on top.
06.Cinema Secrets i dont like
07. Beneye  foundation/conclear no..
08 MAC select moister cover i really love this one and sometimes i like to add over another concealer like mac select.  just to keep it looking more moist n youthful looking
(becareful select moister is darker the select cover.)
09.MAC select cover  i like to but i can be a bit drying.but it gives you very good coverage.
10.MAC concealer pencil which is dicontinued. is good for touch ups. the white tube MUFE is good its a lift concealer but its can feel drying.
11.maybelling tube is very good alomost similar to the mac moister select moister but it feels a bit powdery but i like it it glides on.
12. Revlon i like them but they r just ok its not all that great at least not for me.
13. Maybelline mousse i really like a lot its very smooth n u only ned a tiny bit. but i put one over after  i have corrected my circles just to give me a bright look/effect. and only where i have the darker areas

If you have any questions on concealers let me know k thanks hope this is helpful to some of you.

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