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Monday, April 2, 2012

Galaxy leggings

I'm loving everything galaxy right now but I just bring myself to spend 80 dollars on leggings just yet. As I was going thru YouTube videos and such I decided to do my own an show u all. Here is what you will need.
Leggings - had them
Spray bottle 1.00
Bleach 2.00
Tye dye  for all set 9.00
Purple dye about 3.00

1.lay leggings flat.
2.put bleach in spray bottle don't dilute it.
3. Spray leggings  make one big spray  such as  circles start on one side then turn and do the other side
( make sure to seperate  the sprays)
4. Wait a day or two then wash
5. Next start by spraying around first w/ the purple colors . Such as around like a circle
6. Then u want to put the red and blue colors around that (purple)
7. Next yellow in the middle to make it appear bright. (Note its going to look a bit bright yellow with the but don't worry it will fade. I opened the bleach bottle and with the cap I sprinkled over the colors to make it look like stars and planets and such. wait 2 or 3 days for it set then wash and you will be done.
 sorry the pic arent that great i need a better camera.


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