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Friday, November 4, 2011

Oct. faves!!!!

I have a few Oct. fave since Oct is my Fave. month, my birthday, Halloween, yay!!!! Anyway here they are hope you all try some of them.

Pureology Shampoo and Condtioner,love this product so so much all you need is a bit since its concentrated but is  so amazing and great for your hair plus it's a vegan product. i love to use the anitfade since i dye my hair,i will tell you its a bit pricey but well worth it since all you need is a bit,  i believe you can only get this at a beauty supply

MAC Green Gell Clenser i bought this originally for my hubby but i use it once and got hooked, it's usually intented for people with more of and oily skin but i will tell you i use it in the shower and my skin feels squeaky clean i really love it.

Ponds Rejuveness- now this cream i do adore. dont get me wrong i love me some MAC minerlized but after a while my skin get tired of using the same old thing so i have to which up a bit this is only about 7-10 dollars i believe i bought it at wal-mart in texas a while ago. but it says its and anti wrinkle cream i dont know about that since ive only been using it for about 2 1/2 weeks  but i will tell you my skin feels tighter and well hydrated.

MAC fleshpot and neon orange lippy love love !!!!!
          Dazzleglass gloss dress to dazzle love this new LE

MAC mirror   to mix my foundation w/ my careblend oil among other things.

Mac False Lash Mascara i love this thing i will tell you it makes a diff in you lashes !!!

MAC Naked Pigment. AHH mixing it w/my foundation OMG  all i love it it glistens everywhere i love it!!!!

MAC Hello kitty Tippy blush its like Pink Swoon blush on a high!!! a bit brighter but not overwhemling.

MAc brush #193 love it for concealer

My JC LITAS AHH I will use this till me feet are in fire!!!

MEDINA~ if you follow me on twitter you know i have love for my trance and my electronic music but medina has be on my top list but lately it been on my repeat button . she  got so much soul and her lyrics and her voiceis magical she is trully amazing. check her out some time.

thanks for stopping by love and eyelashecurlers~

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