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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In LOVE with Fashion.... Dress.

AAHH Yes I got my dress I've been wating for this dress to come to me . i have to say i im IN L-O-V-E this this web site  many i mean so many amazing pieces here wish there was one the states i did pay 69.00 dollars for it and if you sign up you get 10% of you 1st entire purchase.Im telling you its worth every penny.I am in love with my dress with I could wear it all the, will say its sheer so you will need a slips or something of some sort to cover you up, didnt want to wear my hair up but were were doing the Gareth Pugh Collection  fro work and we had to wear our hair that way but this will not be the last time you see me wearing this baby. hope you all enjoy !!!


  1. LOVE that dress!!!!! So HOT!!!

  2. Love your hair! It looks amaz!

    xo Jenn

  3. I seriously love your hair like this.


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