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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prep&Prime fortified skin and Transparent Powder Review

These primers seem to great. They are color correctors,face primer and of course they have spf35 and light hydrating. They come in 4 colors. I got the Adjust picture below. I wish I would've got recharge perfect for us that have under eye circles.. I feel that the leave a little glow on the skin. And they are great when our studio fix is way to yellow or to red for our tones. Also I like to use it to even out the dark circles.
Adjust- Light neutral peach- brightens fills complexions & uneven skin tones
Illuminate-pale lavender- neutralizes yellow tones
Neutralize-pale yellow -for redness & blotchiness
Recharge-bronzy Orange -olive yellow skin tones.
Prep&Prime transparent powder. For me I'm not really set on this. I feel for darker skin tones such as mine it tends to look a bit gray. It is great for lighter tones and for picture taking. It helps control oils great so if you have oily skin this is great to just use a brush around the areas ur skin is oily. I however do love the loose transparent powder but I mix it with the clinque pink powder just under my eyes a bit. And I will say it hides my under eye wrinkles great.

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  1. Oh I need to try that prep & prime transparent powder!:) Sounds like it would work for me, I have a really light complexion! Thanks for the review!<3


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