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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Angels and Bank of America Honored the Troops.

Sept 9 2011 Angels and the Yankees Played. Banked of America and Angels Honored the Miltary and we were there it was very emotional and we very proud to be part of it,after all i an trully honored to stand by my husband and proud to be an Army wife. No matter what day it is we should NEVER Forget about Sept 11. If you every see a Soldier or Fireman ,Police Officer THANK them because After all they are the ones that keep our country safe. so here are pics of that day. we were also featered in the O.C register and my Family was the one that led the whole line of our fellow military families. and couldnt be more proud. top both were posted on O.C register.


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  1. Aww fun at the Angels game!

    Glad you liked the heels.



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