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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Magical Rainbow Eyes.

we had to do a look for the unveiling so i wanted to add a little kick to my so i decided to ask one of my friends to do my eyes at work shes added a variety of colors. some colors  havent came out yet to purchase but i cant tell you what they are so you can try this look.

lid is a yellow shimmer color with a light orangy
blend with a purple shadow like puple haze from MAC
then and orange brick color (red Brick )on top blend
a little bit of a pink shadow  use blush for refrence to get a better effect :)
and a black shadow on the outer crease. carbon
bottom waterline smolder liner and a bit of yellow shadow it makes it green.

hope you all like it xoxox love and eyelashcurlers~

lips voilletta and process magenta and magenta lipliner.


  1. Wow!!! PreTry!!! I wish I could do that

  2. Now this is a great example of lots of color used in a great way!! Looks amazing, especially on you cuz your so gorgeous!! Love this:)


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