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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mommy Bathing Suits Can be Cute TOO!!!

Yes It might be late for some of us but hey i thought id do this post anyway. Ok here it goes, I really do dread Bathing suit season ugh so so much. i hate it i hate i hate!!! i have two boys and I DO NOT i repeat DO Not have a perfect body i really wish i did. but hey i dont so i have to deal with what i have RIGHT!!!!leaving here in so cal in (Orange County). i see A lot of sexy bodies because A, we live by the beach. and B there is alot of surgery for us who can afford it I so wish i can  hahaha !!!!! but any who. i have to deal with my one peice and i have to tell you ladies a can rock my one piece!!!. i got these at Marshalls about 1yr and a half ago for 49.00 dollars. yeah a bit pricey but so so cute. they are juicy couture and every season i know they put some on their rack so its okay if we have strech marks and a little celluite. and a little tummy. we can still look rocking in a once piece. my hubby says so all the time!!!


  1. I think you look amazing in both swimming suits.

  2. I love your bathing suit. its so cute!


  3. I think you look super hot in both suits! Hot mama alert!!<3

  4. I actually like one pieces a lot more than bikini's!

  5. Those are cute!! I love my one pieces those are only ones I rock! three kids will do it to ya!


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