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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Las Vegas shopping haul.

Hello Gems, well as you all know I moved to place where there is not a whole lot to do or to shop. Good news is I'm only 2 hours from Vegas so my hubby and I are pretty spontaneous so we decided to go for more days than we expected since the kiddos were on spring break. I typically don't do gambling but I do, do shopping! I went to a few stores on the strip for some clothes shopping for me and the kiddos  and the last day I went to marshalls and tjmaxx to grab a few things for the house because we don't have those stores back in Havasu.
The stores I went to were- Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Steve Madden
Makeup- Mac pro picked up mixing medium
Inglot- red eyeliner for the brows and a angel brush
House stuff ,I'm trying to go with a chic feel with my bedroom so a scored this awesome clock for 20.00 clearance from 55.00 and a really nice frame for 7.99
And my guest bathroom  is a beach theme so I picked these up hope u all enjoyed. And I hope to fill my bedroom and bathroom up soon so I can show it to u all.

and some random pics of vegas hope you all had a good weekend!!!!

             Love and eyelashcurlers ~

1 comment:

  1. lovely picks hun!!

    I wanna go shopping with you =)



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