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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leopard nails

I saw this on webiste  while I was browsing and loved it I'm pretty sure many of u know how to do it. But I thought to share it with you all anyway. It's pretty simple and great for fall. All u need is a few nail polishes and toothpicks.
First I painted my nails with the gold and tan nail polish. Make sure its dry.
Second, used the toothpick  dip in the black nail polish very slightly  be careful to use just the tip of the toothpick do little circle scribbles make sure they are not perfect. In black nail polish and let it dry.
Next,dot slightly with white nail polish inside the black little circles u did very slightly. Dry.
Lastly clear nail polish ( not shown)  over the nails so your work will last longer. I lost mine :(.
Hope u all enjoy XOXO
Nail polished shown
Mac- imortal gold
Opi- san-tan-tonio and calling all goddess
Sephora -what's a tire jack


  1. You should try using black liquid eyeliner instead of the black nailpaint with a toothpick.. it's much easier & all you have to do is let it dry for a few minutes & seal the eyeliner with a clear topcoat

  2. This is one I have not seen yet! Very cool :-)


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