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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Updated skin share routine

I've been using these things to cleanse my face lately and I really am impressed. I leane more towards combo dry skin. I've been using the MAC cleanse off oil In the shower and I love it!!!! It's so so gentle to remove and release any makeup and dirt. The MAC creamwash is amazing I love it so so creamy and soft on the skin and I gave the comfort cream a try once again n I really appreciate how creamy it is n how soft and how moist it leaves my skin all day. Now the Elizabeth Arden eyecream I got it at Tjmax for 16 dollars n even though it feels like elemers glue cuz it so thick lol it really does work to keep your under eyes very healthy n not dry n flaky (why I love.) Very moist but your concealer will not run or set into ur fine lines. Now the Ponds cream I use it at night in combination with everything else I mix it with the comfort cream. It tightens my skins for a refreshed looks in the a.m well hope u all try some of it let me know if u all have questions xoxo

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