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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yay!!! Ive Won a Blog AWARD!!!!

Thank you very much to mamalaura for my blog award !!!

                          The way this award works is...

1. Thank & Link back to the person who gave you the Award. - done

2. Share 7 things about yourself. - see below

3. Award 15 people's blogs that you have discovered whilst blogging - done

4. Contact these blogger's to let them know they have been given the award.- done

1.Im 4'11  and pretty petite. Which means people think on younger.

2 I'm a an Army Wife and dont like to hang out much at military functions.

3. My home is full of boys which means no pink anywhere but my bathroom lol.

4.I have 5 tattoos and id like to get more but i feel like im to old lol.

5.I love to dance to trance and sing while im cleaning.

6.I have bad OCD when it comes to closets everything has to be color coordinated.

7.I get bad anxiety when driving im the freeway. which means i never drive it. I take the backroads if all possible.

                                                          Award 15 blogs*

                                       1. jomakemeblush
                                       2. yourztrulyjess
                                       6. Expensive Pink
                                       9.Moxie Artistry
                                       11.Roxy Rouge
                                      13.BEAUTY BLOG
                                      14.Goldbeauty88's makeup blog
                                      15.Hardcore Makeup Junkie


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