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Thursday, November 4, 2010

UPDATE and overwhelmed!!!

Im so so sorry i get so late with updating my blog i wish i had more time but with kids and work and being a wife its get so so hard. i will try my best to update it every Thursday. I have chosen that day to update my blog. I came up with something totally new because i could find myself and i was getting really stressed trying to find a way to catch up on everything. My life is pretty crazy. I have a 5 yr old an almost 10 yr  and married to a wondeful guy.  but life as a mom can get overwhemling at times when you cant find enough hours of the day to do things you need to do and need to get done of you course we all want to be super mom and you cant do it all. I juggle many many things. so please dont hate me pretties!! well thats all for now. love and eyelash curlers xoxoxo!!!!

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